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As a Qualified British Cycling & Training Peaks Coach, I believe the best way to see gains in your performance is to know the time you spend training is being used most effectively. If you lead a busy work and family life and need to get the most out of the time you have then coaching is perfect for you. At Core Cycling though its so much more than A great training plan built around your social and work commitments, all riders no mater their goals will be mentored by myself too. Mentoring is the biggest part of Coaching in my opinion so for some riders there is even an option to be mentored by an experienced rider also.

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Core Cycling Trips
Training Camps, Cycling Holidays and Events

A few times a year, Core Cycling goes abroad to do Training Camps in the foothills of the French Pyrenees. We have also done some other specially selected Gran Fondo Events in Belgium and other areas of France. Come and join us for an unforgettable Cycling Holiday

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About Core Cycling

The goal at Core Cycling is to give you the biggest gains in performance, so that you achieve the best experience and outcome possible in all your cycling endeavours.  Whether taking advantage of coaching, training camps or Core Cycling events, we offer a personal and enjoyable approach that simply asks you to: ‘Demand more from your cycling.’

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A Little about me.

Personally as a life-long cyclist and active member of a local cycling club, I fully understand how cycling works and know well the joys and stresses of the sport.

Over the years I have taken part in Road Races, Time Trials, Cyclo-Cross, Sportives and large Grand Fondos abroad. This has given me a broad overview, alongside a detailed understanding, of the requirements and benchmarks of the different disciplines of cycling.

In addition to experience, I am also a British Cycling qualified coach and am Training Peaks certified. I have acted as the Assistant Manager of the Eastern Region Junior Men’s Cycling team, helping to develop the best young riders of the region.

Nick Smith

Core Cycling.

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Adam Robertson

The overall quality of Nick’s coaching is exemplary.

Thanks to Nick I am now a dedicated athlete who both listens to my body and perfectly prepares myself mentally for races.

Nick has optimized my training sessions for Racing. Above this he has also helped me in managing my recovery and avoiding over-training whilst pushing myself to the limit of my potential.

Having a coach in your corner who knows their athlete and their training gives you huge confidence in yourself and your ability.

Adam Robertson (BPF Cycling Team)

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